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Beijing Punk


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Beijing Punk

The Movie

During the 2008 Olympics at a time when the worlds interest was focused on Beijing a small crew followed a group of punks and skinheads through this subterranean world of punk music and counter culture. Taking a small film crew, two HD cameras and a sync super 8 camera, Australian filmmaker Shaun Jefford entered the the little known world of underground musician in the back streets of Beijing.

Encountering public apathy and state suspicion, the punk in China is a creature that should not exist. But we find that there is an explosion of counter culture summering just below the surface of the Chinese psyche. The underground punk music scene in Beijing centers around a club with a name that is the same in Chinese as it is in English. D-22 has become a magnet and a cross roads for young Chinese musicians with the urge to rebel.

The bands featured in the film include Demerit and lead singer ‘Spike’ and his band who live in a war zone on the outskirts of Beijing, Chinese Skinhead Leijun and his band Misandao (which translated to English means something like ‘Creme Puff’) , P.K.-14 the thinking mans punk band and finally Hedgehog with the diminutive female drummer ‘Atom’ who is about four feet tall and bangs the drums harder than most.

Beijing Punk is a feature length, English language documentary that is an exploration of the hidden world of rebels and misfits a scratch under the surface of China.